Dynamic Duo
A Silverstein and Pekarek Fan List

One day in December, I was sitting in front of the TV watching my tape of Jamie and Justin's freedance from Nation's Cup for about the twentieth time. The 1999 Grand Prix series was over and there would be no eligible skating on TV until the Grand Prix final. I was bored... but not too bored to marvel repeatedly at the precocious brilliance of my favourite newcomers.

So, in an awed frenzy driven by many watches of J & J's programs, I went online and did a quick search. Yikes! It seemed there was no active mailing list for Silverstein and Pekarek fans. What was an eager new fan to do? Create one, of course. And thus, the Dynamic Duo list was born.

The list is still brand-new, with newcomers joining us every day... so now is the perfect time for you to join, too! Want to connect with other Jamie and Justin fans and discuss their programs and results? Just click on the list button below to join us at Dynamic-Duo@onelist.com.

- Yasmin, List Owner

Photo courtesy Michelle Wojdyla.

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